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Create awesome multi-channel bots based on editorial content, FAQ URLs and structured documents in no time.

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What is QnA Bot Service?

QnA Bot Service lets you create multi-channel chat bots at nearly no time which are able to answer any kind of question your customers might ask.
You only need to create one bot to serve as many channels as you like such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram Messenger, Slack and many more. It's even possible to integrate your bot into your website, connect it to Microsoft Cortana or let it become alive through the humanoid robot Pepper.

How does it work?

QnA Bot Service is really easy to use. Just register, provide a list of FAQ URLs, structured documents or a list of question and answer pairs and choose the channels your bot shall listen to.
The QnA Bot Service will then automatically crawl the URLs you provided, read the structured documents and process your list of question and answers in order to set up the bot's knowledge. Of course you can adjust the bot's knowledge easily at any time with just a few mouse clicks.

Does the bot understand natural language?

Of course. All of our bots a powered by leading machine learning algorithms. Thus your customers can ask questions to the bot in natural human language even if the questions differ from the way you have provided them to the bot before.
And in order to make the bot do its job as good as possible we provide you with a sophisticated training portal where you can teach the bot to understand your customers even better.

Which languages do the bots support?

Our bots are language independent so that any language is supported. And it's even better. You can even make one bot support multiple languages.
You are wondering how this can work? Here comes the easy answer: in the background we use powerful machine learning algorithms which do not care about language specific characteristics. Just provide your bot the knowledge in the language you desire and the rest is done by the bot.

What does it cost?

To make it short - it's really not that expensive.
To answer it more detailed: It depends on how many bots you want to set up and how much your customers are using the bot. But in any case it won't be too much compared to the functionality you'll get by the QnA Bot Service.
We┬┤ll publish detailed pricing information in the near future. If you can't wait until then or if you want to start using your bot in a production environment right now just contact us and you'll get a detailed quote from us.